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Good guy Microsoft congratulates Sony on PS4 launch


Posted by: Matt Liebl

I have to admit, I did not see this coming. I thought, for sure, that on the night of Sony's PlayStation 4 launch, Microsoft would release some sort of trailer or image hyping the Xbox One or poking fun at the PSN launch issues. Instead, what we got was a warm congratulations from the Xbox team.

Over on the official Xbox Twitter, Microsoft posted the following message:


In addition to the official Xbox Twitter posting this, Xbox frontmen Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb and Phil Spencer both congratulated Sony and Shuhei Yoshida.

Now this is the stuff I want to see. Rather than post some cheeky message and fuel the fanboy flame war, Microsoft took the high road. Even though Microsoft and Sony are competing on the next-gen front, I'm sure both companies have tremendous amounts of respect for each other -- especially knowing first-hand how difficult and stressful the launch of a new console can be. Hopefully Sony shows the same kind of respect towards Microsoft next week when the Xbox One launches.

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