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About that video showing off Xbox One's Snap feature and UI...


Posted by: Matt Liebl

You know that video showing off the Xbox One's dashboard and user interface? No, not that promo video released by Microsoft, but the one that show an actual user taking advantage of the system's snap feature. Yeah, apparently that's an "old XDK build.

Albert Penello, Microsoft's Director of Product Planning, took to Twitter today to clarify a few things regarding the video. Mostly, he wanted to point out that it's an older builder and that the current Xbox One is "WAY faster." Below is the new video and below that is Penello's comment.

Maybe that promo video is actually an accurate depiction of the Xbox One working. If the actual Xbox One console runs even smoother and quicker than that then I'm impressed. Maybe the speed of the system will make up for that lack of native 1080p.

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