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Rumor: Sony asking sites to cover up Jodie Holmes' naked assets


Posted by: Matt Liebl

When playing a Quantic Dream game, two things are expected: QTE/motion controls and an odd shower sequence in which you must control the character's bathing habits. Keeping up with tradition, Beyond: Two Souls features a short scene in which its main character Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page) showers in preparation for a date. While the final release of the game handled this sequence quite tastefully, leave it up to gamers to figure out a way to hack into the system and find a way to view all of Ms. Holmes digital goodies.

It seems Sony, likely under pressure from Page's camp, has asked sites to remove any "nude" photos they may have reposted as a result of the leaked debug game. The news comes from Eskimo Press which claims they were contacted by SCEE and told to remove the pictures from their website. The site notes that they never actually hosted the images, but instead posted a link to them, which has since been deleted.

Unlike Quantic Dreams' previous slip-up, in which their prior game Heavy Rain actually shipped with a bug that allows you to play as one of its main characters completely nude, these "nude photos" were a result of hacking into the files of a debug version of the game and manipulating the camera. So maybe Quantic Dream and Sony aren't totally to blame. Either way, it appears Ellen Page isn't too happy -- even if it's just digital privates being exposed.

Tags: Beyond: Two Souls

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