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Neverwinter would like to show off their new Sprite companion


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

When it comes to all creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, there are few beings as outwardly obnoxious as the fey. They live to cause mischief. Now on top of that, throw in the fact that evil fey exist… on boy; makes me want to make a Cold Iron Warrior, just to deal with them all…

Anyway, in the MMORPG Neverwinter, there is a brand new Sprite Companion to keep you company on those long adventures. These whimsical beauties fire arrows at your foes to aid you on your quests. These small fairy like creatures rock dragonfly wings and pursue all evil creatures in the Feywild - that sounds pretty handy.

The Sprite Companion is now available in the Neverwinter Zen Market for you purchasing whims. Check out the video below and download Neverwinter for free if you haven’t given it the good ole college try yet.

Also, that is CLEARLY an archer ranger at the end. Clearly.

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