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Machinima partners with Xbox One, lets you watch strategy videos while playing games


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Microsoft has partnered with Machinima to bring gamers an exclusive Machinima app to the new console. In this latest spotlight video from Machinima’s Matthew Cohen, we get to see the app in action and why it’s going to be beneficial to gamers that might need a little extra help in games.

By using the Xbox One’s new Snap mode, players will be able to launch the Machinima app side-by-side of their game. This will enable players to watch a strategy video, while simultaneously playing their game, meaning no pausing is necessary, not to mention, you won’t have to run to your computer each time.

The app also has the ability to go fullscreen, which will pause your game in the background, and let you switch back to it at any time.

It’s certainly a pretty cool feature, and certainly one of the more cooler uses of the new Snap mode.

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