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Indie publisher Ripstone states 'PS4 as quiet as a mouse and as powerful as a lion'


Posted by: Mike Splechta

When it comes to console or PC noise, I prefer to have as little of it as possible. It’s probably why installing 360 games to my console has become somewhat of a necessity with each new game I play.

Its comforting to hear then that the PS4 is described as being ‘Quiet as a mouse,’ by Ripstone Games’ Phil Gaskell. It’s not that surprising given that Sony has already confirmed that the system will be quiet, but having a third party confirmation is nice.

Not much can be said about the ‘Powerful as a lion’ quote since Gaskell hasn’t given any other info on actually using the console, but come on, we know the specs, we already know it can take on a lion.

Tags: PlayStation 4, Ripstone, quiet

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