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Flower, Flow, Sound Shapes and Escape Plan available at launch for PS4, no additional charge if you already own them


Posted by: Mike Splechta

You might have heard that Flow and Flower will be making their way to the PS4. Sound Shapes and Escape Plan join the party and all four titles will be available on launch day, November 15th. Along with coming to the PS4, Flow and Flower will be making their portable debut on the Vita.

And since every single title will have the Cross Buy option, that means you only need to buy one, to be able to play it on the other platforms as well.

To sweeten the deal even further, those that already own all of these games will be able to download them free of charge on the PS4, when it launches.

This lineup just joins the multitude of free titles coming to the PS4 alongside DC Universe, Warframe, Resogun and Driveclub (if you're a PS+ for the last two).

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