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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 wants you to check out some gameplay from the Wildlands


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

When I think of Final Fantasy games and a place called the Wildlands, I instantly think of the Veldt from Final Fantasy VI. Unfortunately, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII doesn’t have Gau in it. What it does have, is a lot of jobs and costumes to go along with it. In battle, Lightning can change job on a whim to get done what needs to get done. In the video, she often transforms into a Dragoon – which I’ll always have love in my heart for.

In this video, Lightning searches for the elusive White Chocobo. Will she find it, is it safe, how does this story end!? Watch the video above to get some of these answers fulfilled. The combat system in this game looks pretty different from previous Final Fantasy titles; almost like it was made alongside Final Fantasy XIV. Make sure to check out the costume customization section to go buck-wild with crazy colorizations!

Tags: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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