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Plants vs. Zombies is now a Risk board game

A Plants vs. Zombies version of Risk is entering the tabletop scene, PopCap Games announced today.

The tower-defense game is one of many video game and movie series — such as Halo and The Lord of the Rings — that have become variants of the popular strategy board game Risk, which has existed since 1957. Under license from Hasbro, USAopoly produced the two-player tabletop adaptation of Plants vs. Zombies, which is out now as a collector's edition for $30.

Risk: Plants vs. Zombies features a double-sided game board and three modes: Tower Defense, Mission Objective, and Total Domination. One side of the board shows the familiar backyard setting while the other is a detailed map of the town of Brainsborough. As either the plants or their undead foes, players can engage in skirmishes, fight for victory conditions, or play classic Risk as armies of Peashooters, Threepeaters, Brown Coat Zombies, and Zombie Mobs.

The board game is available on and Amazon, with stock coming to retailers soon.

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