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Mighty No. 9 races past the $3 million mark, next stretch goal ensures PS4 and Xbox One versions


Posted by: Mike Splechta

Keiji Inafune was able to prove to Capcom, and Mega Man naysayers a like, that there is still room for a Blue Bomber in the video game industry. Though not Mega Man per se, Mighty No. 9 is as close to a Mega Man game in everything but the name.

It's great news to see that Inafune's development company, Comcept, seeing such great success from the Kickstarter. With only a day left, Mighty No. 9 managed to raise a whopping $3 million, with the prospect of hopefully reaching $3.3 million to get Mighty No. 9 ported to next-gen systems.

This infographic below gives you some pretty sweet, and reassuring data on the Kickstarter's success.

Mighty No. 9

Remember, if you still want to contribute to Mighty No. 9, and get those next-gen versions locked down (or perhaps even the handheld versions), head on over to the Kickstarter and show your support!

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