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Wii Sports Club brings 5 Wii Sports games to the Wii U, and it's a ripoff


Posted by: Lance Liebl

Nintendo is bringing Wii Sports to the Wii U in high definition, complete with online play and clubs, with Wii Sports Club. It brings five sports to the Wii U -- bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing and golf. That's fine, and I actually welcome the addition of these games, but Nintendo is charging $9.99 for each game individually for permanent access. Or, you can purchase a Day Pass for $1.99 that lets you play them all for 24 hours. 

$9.99 for a game that came free with the Wii, which most Wii U owners probably already have, is a ripoff. If anything, Nintendo should be giving this for free as a thank you to everyone that's actually purchased a Wii U. I've continued to support Nintendo and the Wii U through its struggles. I use my Wii U on a daily basis. But  $9.99 for a single Wii Sports sport, BUT IN HD NOW, is not worth it.

It's good that you can get a single sport if you want, but the price is too steep. $1.99 each would make sense, with $10 as the total for all five. And seriously, how impressive does Nintendo think HD is on Wii Sports anyway? 

If you are interested in getting these, you should know that tennis and bowling will come to the Nintendo eShop first on November 7, with boxing, baseball and golf coming at later dates.

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