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Killzone: Mercenary players have scored 11.8 million headshots and counting

Sony has published a stats page that tracks total progress in Killzone: Mercenary, a first-person shooter for PlayStation Vita that came out a few days ago in North America and about a week ago in Europe and Japan.

Players have already tallied over 14,841 days of game time. They're made about 48.7 million kills and 11.8 million headshots. Melee kills stand at over 6 million.

That's pretty impressive, especially since the average accuracy is only 31 percent.

The stats page also breaks down the top players on the leaderboards by different categories, including career, campaign, and multiplayer, as well as overall scores.

Reviews have generally been favorable. We gave it an 8.5 out of 10. This is developer Guerrilla Cambridge's first Killzone release.

Via: Escapist Magazine

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