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You don't love Apple as much as this Japanese man already waiting in line for the iPhone 5S


Posted by: Lance Liebl

I don't hide the fact that I'm not a huge fan of Apple. Don't get me wrong, I think they make an awesome tablet, and I see the appeal of their products, but I'm more of a PC guy. Probably because I like video games. With that out of the way, I will never understand waiting ten days for a new phone -- especially a phone that doesn't really change the game all that much. 

That didn't stop Twitter user @Xxxprius from lining up outside of an Apple store in Tokyo, ten days before the release of the newly announced iPhone 5S, to be first in line for it. Wonder if he'll do it again next year for the iPhone 6...

He tweeted yesterday, "I'm lined up at the Ginza Apple Store where the new iPhone 5S launches in ten days. This might be tough."

He must be really excited about the gold color and a fingerprint scanner. To each his own.

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