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Does teamwork actually help win games in League of Legends?


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Riot doesn’t mess around when it comes to League of Legends. Other than developers, programmers, and writers – they have  teams that research play behavior, record stats, and make data based on the LoL community. Does teamwork actually affect win games? The answer is an obvious yes.

Here’s the thing, being a good teammate improves your win rate slightly by 10% – that makes sense. Not being a jerk affects your chance of winning a s@#$ ton. Being toxic has a domino effect of toxicity among your teammates. By not being a jerk face and not being a jerk-to-jerk faces will help you not lose as much - about 35% more.

It’s one of those “well duh” sort of facts… but easier said than done. Sometimes the trolls win and nothing can be done to save the team. For those hardcore LoL players though, this is something to consider before you rage. The most interesting part about this research is that I imagine it pertains to all forms of gaming/sports.

Moral of this story, be helpful, don’t rage, win more. Watch the video below:

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