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Dr. Wily's skull castle in Mega Man 2 would cost $113.6 million

Motovo Real Estate calculated the price of Dr. Wily's skull castle from Mega Man 2 "without any of the robots, traps, or the projection system ... that Dr. Wiley had installed."

To figure out the total cost, the company determined the square footage of the castle (about 167,250), a probable location (a spot near Mt. Fuji, Japan), and the average property price of the area per square foot ($679).

It all adds up to $113,562,750. That's ... a lot of money.

What if you could afford a fortress like that? "You might want to consider buying a Roomba or 2,000 for the place, though," reads the blog post, which explains each step in detail. "Just remember: They’ll work on tile and carpet no problem, but not on deadly spikes. Man, those spikes."

Wily Castle From Mega Man 2 For Sale

Via: Capcom

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