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Watch BBC actor Brian Blessed throw period weapons for Total War: Rome 2


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Creative Assembly has released a new video starring BBC actor Brian Blessed as he throws weapons for Total War: Rome II. The video is all about the art of projectile weapons used in the classical Roman time period. The technological advancements in these propelled objects is remarkable for how long ago it was.

These weapons didn’t only exist to kill your opponent, they also were implemented to ruin formations, stop advancements, and even disable shields. When stones prove to be too inaccurate while not create metallic bullets with printed phalluses on them at your foes? Apparently the Romans got that covered. From stones to giant bolts, watch the technology of Rome sore.

In the video above you’ll see Brian Blessed get quite excited with weapon expert Gordon Summers. PS, slings are no joke.     

Tags: Total War: ROME 2

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