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Sony settles with unpaid intern for £4,600


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Sony has opted to settle in a suit brought against the company by former intern Chris Jarvis, according to The Independent. As a result, the company will pay Jarvis  £4,600 ($7,189.34) for his work with the company.

In 2012, Jarvis was hired by Sony Computer Entertainment Cambridge (now known as Guerrilla Games, developers of Killzone: Mercenary).  Although he thought he'd be shadowing a staff member, Jarvis claims he was working as a tester for the company's games' 3D artwork, which saw him work from 9:30am until 6:00pm for three months. When he "politely informed" his employers that his new role entitled him to at least national minimum wage, they instead told him that his status as an intern meant he was not entitled to pay.

Jarvis did what any disgruntled worker would do and reported Sony to HM Revenue and Customs, and sued for the unpaid wages. Rather than meet before a scheduled tribunal, Sony agreed to pay Jarvis £4,600, about £1,000 more than his original request. Way to stick it to the man Mr. Jarvis.

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