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Fear not plebeians, Total War: Rome 2 has a support patch coming


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

With Total War: Rome 2’s massive launch yesterday, there are literally hundreds of thousands players enjoying the game already. If you’re in the group that haven’t found any issues with the game thus far, do not feel obligated to read any further. However, for the rest of you plebeians, I have wonderful news for you.

Creative Assembly understands that many users are suffering though hardware glitches and that this is simply not acceptable. On top of this issue, the game’s launch has created a wide spread metric for feedback for AI testing. This time has allowed Creative Assembly to tweak and balance the game’s difficultly based off these results.

This information and concern has led to the developers making a week one patch. This Friday (9/6) match should fix all of these mentioned concerns and make the total experience of the game that much better and a smoother experience over all.

If you’re having issues not related to these, go here for find the support you need. Happy conquering!     

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