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TimeSplitters Rewind in development for PS4; might not make it to retail


Posted by: Lance Liebl

A lot of TimeSplitters​ fans are going to be happy with this news. A collection of maps, weapons and characters from the three previous TimeSplitters games is being developed into a game for the PlayStation 4 called TimeSplitters Rewind. The game is being developed by 35 part-time developers, said project lead Michael Hubricka to CinemaBlend.

The only hiccup is that the development needs to get approval from Crytek's legal department in order to release the game, as it is powered by CryEngine 3. Hubricka said, "It's mostly just us waiting on Crytek's legal department to give us the go ahead. With these things it's not like they say 'Hey, we don't know you but we'll give you access to these things and you can release it on this or that console.' It's also their reputation on the line."

As for a potential Xbox One release, Hubricka said that they haven't really looked into the development behind it, but weird certification processes are a huge turnoff for him. 

At least for now, the game is in development for PlayStation 4. Let's just hope Crytek goes ahead and says yes.

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