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Sepulchre is a free horror adventure coming in early September

Sepulchre is an upcoming PC "adventure short" from developer Owl Cave, and it's got "proper horror. None of that jump scare stuff."

The trailer for Sepulchre shows the creators — writer Ashton Raze (point-and-click title Richard & Alice) and artist Ben Chandler (the Blackwell graphic-adventure series) — talking about their game since a normal trailer would spoil the plot.

Sepulchre "approaches its horror with subtlety ... a sense of unease that you can't quite put into words," the trailer explains. The team thinks horror fans will enjoy it — along with fans of trains ... and huge bags.

The game won't cost a penny when it releases early next month, but donations are welcome. It features music by Jack de Quidt.

Owl Cave is also working on a story-driven puzzle game called Location Services.

Source: US Gamer

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