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Xbox One's Cloud Power made simple with infographic


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Microsoft has spent a lot of time convincing consumers of the Xbox One's cloud power. And after all the explanation, no one really has a firm grasp of what it does exactly, even after Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment took a stab at it. So the company has decided to simplify things with a detailed infographic that highlights the key benefits -- at least with a few of its first-party titles.

Check out the image below for a quick rundown on what exactly the Azure cloud features on Xbox One.

Xbox One cloud power

  • Real behavior. Real victories: Challenge an ever-evolving network of opponents that play like your friends, even when your friends aren't online. Your profile will continue to play against your friends when you're no longer online.
  • Explore evolving worlds: Cloud compute cycles empower develoeprs to create larger games, superior multiplayer, and new challenges
  • Play with confidence: 300,000 services make one of the most reliable cloud infrastructures

It seems the cloud makes online multiplayer just a smoother, more intuitive experience. Does that simplify things for you?

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