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Total War: Rome 2 educates us on legionnaire equipment compared to modern infantry gear


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

One of the things about the Romans is that they were efficient. They had the gear, they had the know-how, they had the technology, and they got it done. With an empire so vast, armies had to be dispatched quickly to get to one side from the other. Mobilization was one of the many strengths of the Roman Empire and Creative Assembly wants to share this with you.

In their newest video for Total War: Rome 2, U.S. Army Special Forces 'Green Beret' combat veteran Mykel Hawke compares Roman Legionnaire gear to that of the modern infantry soldier. As far as weight and efficiency, you may be quite surprised in Mykel’s opinion. How do weapons, shields, armor, rations, clothing, and other factors hold up? What did the legionnaires use? Check out the video below and find out. 

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