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Tate's XBLA Corner: Charlie Murder, Flashback and two bizarre indie games


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

Welcome to Tate's XBLA Corner - a bi-weekly video column where I go over the games you either need to download or avoid at all costs on Microsoft's downloadable service.

It's the week of August 22 - a week in which LIVE Arcade is surprisngly scarce. Fear not, though, this time around on Tate's XBLA Corner I take a look the second Summer of Arcade title, Charlie Murder, and a classic, reimagined platformer, Flashback.

I also take a glance at by far the most bizarre week on the Indie Games channel, one that includes a game about unicorns making out and another about racing ponies. So yeah, tune in for that.

Make sure you tune in every two weeks for Tate's XBLA Corner so that you can find out what's hot, and what's not. Until next time, keep checking for your daily retail and arcade needs.

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