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Peggle 2 will launch on Xbox One with more platforms to follow

Earlier today at Gamescom, we learned that Peggle 2 was among Microsoft's list of 20 launch titles for the Xbox One. Roughly 44 percent are timed or planned exclusives, including Peggle 2, PopCap's next iteration on the puzzle game that debuted in 2007.

Peggle 2 will launch in November "first exclusively on Xbox One," according to a press release, which means the game will end up on other platforms eventually. My bet's on PC and mobile. Future platforms will be disclosed "at a later date."

The game features new levels, power-ups, and multiplayer modes, and it's compatible with Kinect gesture controls. Players can also customize the "Peggle Masters" that host the game.

PopCap just launched a big sequel to one of its major properties: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time.

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