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GTA 5's governor candidates vie for your support


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Grand Theft Auto has been poking fun of American culture for years -- and we sure do give the developers a lot to work with. The creators over at Rockstar Games have done a tremendous job lampooning the more dimwitted side of American society over the years and they've spared no expense with Grand Theft Auto 5.

As part of Rockstar's virtual GTA 5 travelogue, the studio has put out mock campaign ads for two gubernatorial candidates -- one for conservative would-be governor and former Vinewood stuntman Jock Cranley, and another for successfully divorced school teacher Sue Murry.

Check out both of their campaigns, which I'm sure you'll see plenty more of when you arrive in Los Santos come September. (Spoiler: Like real life political candidates, they both suck. But at least these are meant to be funny).

Jock Cranley

Sue Murry

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