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Space invaders attack Puzzle & Dragons in Groove Coaster Zero cross-promotion

Starting today and lasting two weeks, Space Invaders and Groove Coaster Zero are taking over match-3 phenomenon Puzzle & Dragons with special alien-themed event dungeons and monsters.

Groove Coaster Zero is a free-to-play iOS game where players touch in time to the rhythm of popular songs. Taito is the maker of the arcade classic Space Invaders, whose iconic alien enemy it uses in the logo for Groove Coaster Zero.

The octopus, crab, and squid aliens (and their evolved forms) appear in the Puzzle & Dragons event, which features four difficulties.

Taito's sound team, Zuntata, has also made four songs from Puzzle & Dragons playable within Groove Coaster Zero. The track pack also includes a limited avatar based on the King Metal Dragon and costs $5. A new, remixed version of “Departure" is available for free.

The event ends August 24. GungHo has run cross-promotions before, such as with mobile game Clash of Clans.

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