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Champs: Battlegrounds is out for all your real time tactics needs


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Are you a tactics genre fan? Are those types of game just to slow paced for you? What if you took a tactics game and say… made it real time? This is exactly what Quark Games’ Champs: Battlegrounds is. With a model similar to League of Legends, you download the game for free, get points for unlocks by playing, and can spend real money to get a different type of currency for unlocks.

You create your own squad and, similarly to Final Fantasy Tactics, the base character can upgrade to two different specialization classes. This adds variety in options and helps you set up your play style more. Play in the campaign, in test matches, or online PVP battles. How quick are you? Haw decisive are you? How does your squad comp work?   

Watch the video above and known you can download Champs: Battlegrounds today on iOS and Android devices. 

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