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This fan made Dark Souls lore series will make you feel


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

This Dark Souls web series created by YouTube user VattiVidya is absolutely amazing. I’ve admittedly been following it for some time now, I love me some lore. Often when people play though Dark Souls, they don’t pick up on how rich the lore is. It’s easy to miss after all, only really there if you search for it. Through dialogue, environment, and mostly through item descriptions – you learn all this hidden information.

Using in game footage and voice acting from the game, VattiVidya has put together a series of Dark Souls lore videos he calls ‘Prepare to Cry.’ The reason is well… they’re sad as hell. Through tell the tales of these specific characters, much of the story of Dark Souls is revealed there these tear jerkers. While this series is not means new, the specific embedded video below is. This new video serves as a powerful trailer to the series as well as a link hub to the 'Prepare To Die' videos.

If you’re a Dark Souls fan, never realized how deep the lore is, want to catch up on your lore, or are simply preparing yourself mentally for Dark Souls 2, do yourself a favor and check out this series. If you like it, he’s already said this isn’t the last video – AKA subscribe.  

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