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Hannibal found a way, and so will you in Total War: Rome 2


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

When we think of Carthage, we either think of Queen Dido jumping into a flaming funeral pyre or Hannibal crossing the Alps in one of history’s most unexpected sneak attacks. In this new video released for Total War: Rome II, Creative Assembly focuses on the latter.

Rome knew Hannibal was coming, they just didn’t know when, how, and from what angle. Would he take Sicily and cross from there? Would Carthage make allies with Rome’s enemies and barbarians? Would they cross straight from Africa? I mean… there is no way Hannibal would take elephants, travel through the Alps, and attack from behind – right? I mean, that’s ridiculous. Right?

Besides the history lesson, what you should take from this video is just how many ways you can deal with your foes in Rome II. With that said, watch the video already. 

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