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Grand Theft Auto 5's and Max Payne 3's combat is awfully similar


Posted by: Matt Liebl

If the combat shown off in the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay trailer looked familiar, that's because it's practically identical to the combat in Max Payne 3. YouTuber datarace1 has provided a side-by-side gameplay comparison of the two Rockstar games showing off just how similar the two seem to play.

The only noticable differences, as pointed out by the video creator, seem to be a faster crouched-walking speed and a slightly more zoomed-out camera in GTA 5. So it seems Rockstar is reusing some of it's assets; certainly that's not the first time a company has done so. The overall consensus seems to be "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Max Payne 3 had a remarkable combat system, so most seem content with GTA 5 borrowing elements from it.


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