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Earthbound community appears on Wii U Miiverse

More Earthbound news may be incoming. Nintendo has added a community especially for the game on its Miiverse social network on Wii U.

The section is called the “Onett Times." While users can comment, "posting is restricted to Nintendo representatives.” A welcome message is available but pertains only to the Virtual Console release of Earthbound from earlier this month. The game's creator, Shigesato Itoi, has also posted a poem about what Earthbound means to him on Nintendo's website.

It's possible that Nintendo may be planning something bigger — or it could simply want to encourage players to share their experiences on the still nascent Miiverse. But Mother 3, the sequel to Earthbound, has never made it to North America since its release in 2006, and we learned earlier this month that Nintendo is sitting on a number of game announcements.

Source: Gematsu via NeoGAF

Photo credit: Nintendo Life

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