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Insection draws upon Left for Dead, Borderlands, and Starship Troopers for insect carnage


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Get your big boy Johnny Rico pants on boys and girls, bugs aren’t going to conquer themselves. The universe of Insection pits humans, robots, and cyborgs vs. the forces of bug kind. The campaign will take you along the story of four ex-marines who team up to stick it to insect kind. Through gameplay, you’ll learn the unique background of the character you’re playing and learn their reason and motives.

Not someone who gets too into the plot, that’s fine. How about a competitive multiplayer gameplay? Not only can you play as two squads who rush forward to compete objectives, but there are bugs everywhere in the process. Do you hunt down the other group early or wait until the end? In a mode similar to Left 4 Dead, you can also pit the ex-maries vs. player controlled bugs. Variety is the spice of life and variety wants you to wholesale slaughter bugs.   

While there used to be a Kickstarter for Insection, it has recently been canceled. The developers are still working on it though and the Kickstarter shall return at a later date. You can still check the Kickstarter page out though for more details about the game.

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