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Aliens: Colonial Marines campaign DLC on the way, just like you've been hoping for


Posted by: Lance Liebl

Aliens: Colonial Marines -- the shooter developed by Gearbox -- was a bust, plain and simple. Regardless of how well it sold or how good the game actually was, some gamers out there must've bought the DLC Season Pass. There's been three DLC packs already released, all having to do with multiplayer: Bug HuntReconnaissance and Movie Map Pack. But fear not, single-player content is on the way.

According to a recently leaked list of PlayStation 3 Trophies, made available at PS3Trophies, the new campaign DLC is called Stasis Interrupted. While this is the first DLC that expands the game's single-player mode, it will be the final DLC for the Season Pass. Statis Interrupted has not been formally announced yet, but the leaked trophies show that players will be rewarded for story progression.

To be honest, I didn't even know that other DLC packs were released, but I've also been ignoring the game since its rocky launch. GameZone gave the game a 5.5/10, saying it "isn't the worst Aliens game I've played," but that "this sort of gameplay can be found in just about any other first-person shooter."

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