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Endless Space: Disharmony’s new trailer shows universal dissonance


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Ever since the start of the universe, there has been a certain Harmony spreading. The Harmony has been met with their greatest foe – Dust. Now the Harmony has become so narrow-minded that they exist for just one thing, to eliminate the Dust at all costs. The new faction is just one of the new features in the new expansion Endless Space: Disharmony.

For you 4X space-strategy fans, this brand new expansion is coming June 26th to digital Steam everywhere. The DLC will cost you $9.99. I hope you’re ready for invasion mechanics, because those are definitely a thing in this expansion. We’re talking bombardments, sieges, and land invasions. Check out the trailer above and the screenshots to the side.

Other features will include:

  • New fighter and bomber units that will completely change the shape of combats, especially with the new Battle Formation and Targeting systems.
  • A complete rework of the Ship Design Interface giving an improved Weapon System that includes family types for modules (short, medium and long range).
  • Expect to face a real challenge when playing against AI opponents with the New Adaptive Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence System (AMAS)
  • Other additions and features voted or requested by the community include:
  • Four new Heroes [Games2Gether]
  • A new option to Disable Exchange of Technologies, as a request from the Multiplayer community!

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