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Xbox One policies may change in the future, not now


Posted by: Tatiana Morris

When the Xbox One was first announced gamers were delighted to witness the birth of the next generation of gaming. When details on the Xbox One's policies on used games surfaced, for some the delight that they had felt quickly turned into something darker.

In an interview with CVG Microsoft executive Phil Spencer said that the Xbox One's current policies on used games weren't going to change, but they might in the future.

Spencer drew a comparison between the Xbox 360 and the future of the Xbox One, saying that they "will be as attentive to that feedback on Xbox One as we were through 360" and went on to say that "through the life of 360 there have been policy changes and Marketplace changes that have responded to consumer demand, creator demand and what's happening in the marketplace."

Without out flat out saying it, Phil Spencer said that the Xbox One's policies may change in the future, just as the Xbox 360's policies changed.

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