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E3 2013: Surprise, surprise... more Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag at Ubisoft's E3 press conference


Posted by: Lance Liebl

I'm now getting a little worn out from just trailers of Ubisoft's big titles. Maybe it's because I'm writing on an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard and it's not the best setup I can imagine.

That said, I guess there's not really all that much more Ubisoft can show -- outside of actual missions -- in the time we have left before the game releases. At least the trailer was awesome.

Creative director Jean Guesdoonn came out to speak a bit about the brutal pirate experience in Black Flag. The game will allow you to explore the pirate world in the way you want -- boarding ships, attacking forts and finding treasure, both on land and sea.

Oh, and then they showed direct in-game footage! I now take back what I said, Ubisoft. I don't wanna bitch and complain, but it was more of a montage/highlight reel of action, walking and sailing than it was actual gameplay of a mission. 

Whatever... we'll get to play demos at their booth. Stay tuned for that. Edward Kenway is a c*cktease...

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