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Harmonix revealing new game tomorrow not named Rock Band or Dance Central


Posted by: Lance Liebl

Announced on their official Twitter account, Harmonix said that they will be revealing a new game tomorrow that is "not Rock Band or Dance Central." 

Seeing as how they've already covered music and dance, I assume it's either going to be a strip-aerobics game, or maybe an Indie Folk Rock Band. What's some other artistic forms of expression that Harmonix could make a game about... sculpting using the PlayStation Move and the Xbox's Kinect? I guess strip-aerobics or pole dancing would make for a better rhythm-based game than sculpting. 

Last June during a podcast, Harmonix said they were working on "three and/or more" new games. Director of communications and brand management John Drake said that the games would not all be music or rhythm games. Well, there go my ideas...

Of course, you can check back tomorrow to find out what game Harmonix is revealing.

[Harmonix Twitter via Polygon]

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