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GameStop president: Microsoft and Sony see 'value' in used games


Posted by: Tate Steinlage

A hot topic that has caused many much confusion after today’s Xbox One unveil was that of used games. According to a Wired report that went live shortly after the event ended, Xbox One will require a mandatory install for all games before they can be played, and that second-time users installing the same disc will have to pay a small, one-time fee. While Microsoft has yet to completely clear up the fiasco, GameStop president Tony Bartel believes that both Sony and Microsoft see “value” in used games in an interview with Polygon following the event in Redmond, Washington.

"All that Microsoft has said so far is that they've designed the Xbox One to enable customers to trade in and resell games," Bartel said. "That's what I'm going with at this point. I think there's additional details they're going to reveal later on."

"I think that if you look at [Sony and Microsoft], both of them have come out and said 'Hey, we're going to support the transfer of games in trade-in and resale,'" Bartel said. "I think that both of them see the value of that. They understand that consumers put a high value on the ability to transfer games and the ability to get that residual value out of games."

Interestingly enough, Bartel went on to assure consumers that GameStop will “help” gamers make the jump to next-gen through game and console trade-ins, noting that 16 to 17 percent of new games and DLC are paid for through trade-ins.

"You can be sure that GameStop is going to have a way to help our consumers that want to move to the next generation monetize their existing platforms that they have and use that to be able to turn into currency that they can use to afford the new systems."

With the announcement that Xbox One will not be backwards compatible, will you still be trading in your console for a next-generation Xbox? What about the Playstation 4? Sony has confirmed that there will be no backwards compatibility feature at launch (though there might be a system in place later on). Let us know your thoughts and plans below.

Source: [Polygon]

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