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Xbox One’s LIVE service is more powerful and personal than ever before


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

For number purposes, if the Xbox for 500 LIVE servers, the if the Xbox 360 started with 3000, the Xbox 360 went to 15,000 servers, the Xbox One has 300,000 servers. Talk about cumulative growth. This means faster and more ready access than ever before.

With the Xbox One’s Cloud service, you’ll be able to access your account anywhere at any time. There will be a new gaming DVR service that will record you best and most crucial gaming moments to share and brag to your friends. You get that sweet last kill? Defeat that one boss that has been giving you issue? Find a hilarious glitch? Now is your chance.

With simple editing software, you’ll be covering your account page with some of your greatest moments in gaming prowess. Did you friend do it good? Do it better!

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