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Play Dragon's Lair for 36 quarters on your PC

Thanks to thousands of community votes, you can now play the classic laserdisc game Dragon's Lair on Steam for only 36 quarters, or $9. No need for more change than that.

OK, so yes — Dragon's Lair has released on dozens of platforms by now, and it all started in 1983 — 30 years ago. That's why this is an important moment for the Steam Greenlight community, which put forth "10s of thousands of votes" to see the HD version hit the service.

Customers can save 10 percent on the game (normally $10) until May 24.

In the Don Bluth-animated game, players explore a dark wizard's castle and search the caverns below to save a princess from an evil dragon.

Digital Leisure has handled the HD versions of the Dragon's Lair games.

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