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The Recap - 05/15/13 'Gran Turismo 6 unveiled and DICE to make Star Wars games'


Posted by: Thomas Adams

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the day's biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games.

EA opening new Star Wars-focused DICE studio in L.A.

Electronic Arts is opening a new DICE studio in Los Angeles, tasked with creating Star Wars games. The news, which comes via the Wall Street Journal, is a bit of a shocker considering EA has been in the headlines lately for its layoffs and studio closures.

Here's the first Gran Turismo 6 trailer

GT6 for PlayStation 3 will bring new levels of authenticity to ‘the Real Driving Simulator’ as well as introducing stunning new tracks and cars and a revised user interface. A new compact game engine will improve operation and increase the flexibility to expand it with 

These Wolfenstein: The New Order screenshots sure are pretty

Wolfenstein: The New Orderwas officially unveiled last week, but aside from a brief teaser trailer we haven't really seen much of the game. Ah, the joys of teaser trailers.

Rift joins the free-to-play club

Another MMO bites the dust. Well, sort of. Rather than closing up shop entirely, Trion Worlds will do with Rift what most do to MMOs  when subscriptions no longer support the game -- turn to a free-to-play business model

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