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Karateka Classic emulates the original Apple 2 game on iOS and Android

Last year, Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner partnered with indie studio Liquid Entertainment to release a modern remake of Karateka, his first game, which has since come to Xbox Live Arcade, Steam, PlayStation Network, and iOS. Now Mechner is back to announce Karateka Classic for the App Store and Google Play.

"It’s not a remake, not a port, but a faithful pixel-perfect emulation of the original Apple 2 game, with Olivier Goguel’s ActiveGS emulator running my 6502 assembly language code, graphics, and my dad’s music," Mechner wrote on his blog.

Goguel updated the game with touch controls; threw in an option for a color CRT, amber, or green screen; and added "a certain peculiarity of the 5.25-inch floppy disk version, which I won’t spoil here," wrote Mechner.

The game launches tonight for 99 cents.

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