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Support the Avarosan clan of League of Legends with the new Ashe champion spotlight


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

I know what you’re thinking, new Ashe champion spotlight? Hasn’t she been there since the beginning? The answer is yes. With the Freljord event in full effect, it only seems fair that she receives a champion spotlight since both Sejuani and Lissandra got one. Riot can't show favoritism in the tribe war now, can they? This League of Legends champion fights for a peaceful unification of the Freljord under the Avarosan banner.   

As an original ADC, Ashe has lived in both mid and bot lane. I recall a time back, when Ashe was popular in the mid lane before the current meta came to be. From the center of the map, her enchanted ice arrow ultimate was often fired to support top or bottom lane - well that is in theory. It missed most the time in reality. Physically, she’s been updated in art and appearance. It just seems right to give her a new champion spotlight to show off the frost archer.

The champion spotlight is below for your watching enjoyment. Will she unite the Freljord once and for all?

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