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Lobo officially joins the Injustice: Gods Among Us gamer ranks today


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

When it comes to homicidal badass aliens in the DC universe, Lobo would have to be pretty high on any top list. After all, the guy did kill EVERONE on his home planet; that’s dark. If he was to ever become home sick he would have a really bad time with that guilt. Fortunate for Lobo, he doesn’t involve himself with too much sympathy or compassion. Watch the video above for the history of this villain/antihero in DC’s vast universe.

With all that said, Lobo is now downloadable in Injustice: Gods Among Us as of today. Through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace he can be bought for 400 Microsoft Points and will be available soon on the PlayStation Network for a mere $5. Get him today and burn your exhaust in the faces of all your many foes.   

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