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The Freljord brings frosty conflict and summoner icons to League of Legends


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

In the far north of Runeterra, there is a mighty conflict going on. In the frigid lands in League of Legends, three great tribes clash. The Avarosan, led by Ashe and her husband Tryndamere, want to unite the lands under the ideology of peace. The opposite of Ashe is her sister Sejuani, leader of the Winter’s Claw. She believes the Freljord can only be unified though conquest. Lastly, there is the ice witch Lissandra ruling the Frostguard. This ancient terror is back and wants nothing more than to cover all of Runeterra in ice and rule.

League of Legends Summoner Icons

Riot has put in three alliance banners to choose as your summoner icon. If you select one of these icons and win ten matches with it as your icon without changing it, you will unlock it forever; otherwise these icons will fade away after the Freljord event ends. Check out the video below and choose who you back in this frosty conflict.


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