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Civilization V: Brave New World’s box art is a new fantastic point of view


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

While I get that I should think of expansionism and colonization when I hear the term “brave new world,” quite honestly I first think of that song from Disney’s Aladdin,A Whole New World.” We’re not talking about genies or magic carpets though here, thouh. We’re talking about the second full expansion pack for Civilization V. With plenty of new Civs, changes to cultural victories, and a new trade system – this expansion will add to the overall game experience to both the vanilla version and Gods and Kings.

But what will the box art look like? Glad you asked. As of yesterday, 2K and Firaxis Games revealed what the box art will look like for Civilization V: Brave New World via their Facebook page. Through liking the image, the ‘fog of war’ was removed piece by piece until the art was revealed in its entirety. The expansion will be coming out this summer for $29.99 for both PC and Mac. Check out the box art below and know in your heart of hearts that it will be here soon enough.

“Tell me princess, when did you last let your heart decide…” 

Civilization V: Brave New World - Box Art

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