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Leviathan: Warships releases a jazzy hull of a good time release trailer


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

As of today, you can download Leviathan: Warships for PC and Mac for $10 on Steam. If turn-based, customizable, cross platform, multiplayer ship battles are your forte, this game is definitely for you. In case you somehow missed the first hilarious trainer, you can re-watch it HERE. Now that the game is out, here is another jazzy release trailer from Paradox Interactive featuring your boy, Jazz Boatman. You got a ticket to the friend-ship.

If you’re wondering where the iOS and Android port is – hold your horses. The game will be coming to those platforms on May 2nd for $5. ALL OF THESE FOUR VERSIONS WILL BE CROSS PLATFORM. That’s pretty damn sweet. You can play cooperatively with your friends, destroy random foes, or even sink your friends. You’re a boat captain, no one can tell you what to do.

Check out the trailer below. Also, don’t play Leviathans: Warships on a tablet while taking a bath if it’s plugged in.

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