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Freeze your eyes to your monitor for the League of Legends Lissandra champion spotlight


Posted by: Andrew Clouther

Dear Riot, I’m honored and tickled to death that you made a League of Legends champion specifically for me. Lissandra is the highly mobile, high crowd control, ability power kiting machine that fits my play style quite perfectly. I’m the sort of player that gets a Rylai’s Crystal Scepter on Ahri and constantly harasses the enemy team waiting for the right moment. Lissandra’s kit is ideal for both doing ample AP damage while giving the rest of your team the slows and stuns to finish the job. Even with just her claw move followed by her ult on herself, she can initiate a team fight – Amumu style.   

The variants with her combos are enticing to me. From playing her on the test server and watching her spotlight, her damage seems to be a bit on the high side, but we’ll see after a few days of open play. She is currently live with today’s update. Is she a day one purchase? I say yes, but I’m extremely biased. Watch the champion spotlight below to be Cold as Ice.


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