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Beyond: Two Souls is a game I can't wait to play, or watch... or both


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Over the weekend, Quantic Dream showed off upcoming game Beyond: Two Souls with a trailer that is absolutely stunning. If you weren't already excited for David Cage's mysterious action-adventure game, you should be after this.

The new trailer, which debuted during a two-hour screening at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York this past weekend, shows a young Jodie Holmes and her encounters with a mysterious, unseen being she calls Aiden. It certainly sets the tone for the "emotional journey" players will experience as they witness Jodie's struggle into adulthood. Revealed at E3 last year, Beyond: Two Souls follows protagonist Jodie Holmes, played by Hollywood actress Ellen Page, as she grows and evolves over 15 years and discovers more about what's beyond our world.

The trailer should calm any worries one might have had with a Hollywood star such as Page playing the part of Jodie. She absolutely shines. Page is joined by fellow Hollywood star Willem Dafoe who will play Nathan Dawkins, "a government scientist who works with Jodie to analyze her powers."

Even after the trailer, Beyond: Two Souls largely remains a mysterious game, so for those of you looking for a bit more detail, GamesHQMedia has uploaded the entire 35-minute gameplay from the film festival. I'm choosing not to spoil the mystery for myself, but you're more than welcome to enjoy it below.

 Beyond: Two Souls will be released on October 8, 2013 in North America exclusively for PlayStation 3.

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