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Does The Evil Within borrow concept art from War Z?


Posted by: Matt Liebl

Who notices this stuff? Oh, I know, the people on Reddit. The keen eye of user SuN9491 noticed something a little fishy in one of IGN's images of Bethesda's new game The Evil Within... like, someone may have borrowed some concepts from an image of War Z. Or perhaps borrowed the entire freaking image.

As you can see in the attached images, there is a clear resemblance in the War Z image and what is in the screenshot of The Evil Within. What really makes this whole thing hilarious is that not long ago War Z was accused of something similar. Back in December of last year, a Kotaku reader noticed promo screens for the zombie survival game borrowed some ideas from Shaun of the Dead and The Walking Dead.

I can't say for certain if Bethesda and Tango Gameworks borrowed this image, but it is awfully suspicious. We recently asked the question will The Evil Within will redefine survival horror; well, it certainly doesn't look like it's redefining any art.

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